Production Process

What we do: Products and Services

Our wide-ranging service allows us to provide Customer Satisfaction, beginning with engineering and prototyping new items, before moving on to constructing the moulds, through to actual moulding of the product that, by request, can be integrated with screen printing, pad printing, painting, chrome and gold plating, assembly and packaging.

Our range of injection moulding machines reflects the Company's ideology. In fact, we rely on the leading machine constructors, and use latest-generation models.

Production Process: Phases


We have significant know-how, consolidated by research and applying innovative materials and technologies, and are now able to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency for producing your new products.

Mould Construction

The essential process for guaranteeing production quality and efficiency, is making the tools, which are designed using the most advanced CAD/CAM software, and made using latest generation CNC systems.


From technical drawings to creating the mould, we are able to produce prototypes of items designed within a very short time frame, to make it possible to check that they function correctly.


Our core business is injection moulding of thermoplastics.
Thanks to the technology for which we stand out, we are able to go beyond simple moulding, by applying co-moulding, and over-moulding.
Technology and innovation are two watchwords for us, given that we work using the very latest generation machines, all equipped with robots and automated air extraction and dehumidification systems.
Our range of injection moulding machines starts from 35 T and goes through to 480 T.
We transform all the most traditional and latest generation thermoplastic resins (bio-degradable, eco-sustainable, and bio-plastics).

Additional Services

We add originality to your products, meeting your every requirement.
Our production cycle is complete with chrome or gold plating, screen printing, and painting. We deliver your finished product, assembled and packaged in accordance with your requirements.

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